About us

Coins and Maps – Essentially a travel and lifestyle blog with family 

Coins and Maps was born to fill in the gap of a professionally managed high on content, top quality blog about travel and lifestyle relevant today for people who want to explore not just the world but themselves. It blends in the passion of authors, love of travelers, writing and life skills of the modern yet classic era and leaves one yearning for more.

Coins and Maps provides thematic reviews with the focus on enhancing overall digital media presence while promoting the basic appeal and functional offering of the Property, Event, Concept, Product and Service. It has a perfect mix of information, facts, aura, authenticity and unbiased thought provoking ideas.


Founded by Nidhi Joshi – a former journalist who blogs, the inspiration for this platform is the dynamic world of digital media. Nidhi has been working along with some of the best media entities and professionals for more than 15 years, idea was to have an outlet for creativity and present original options and ideas for a rich lifestyle coupled with luxurious travel. A Fashion Communication graduate from NIFT, New Delhi she also has done her Master’s degree in English Literature. She began her career with Delhi Times as a Copy Editor cum Reporter which was a campus placement from NIFT. With a desire to explore the world she moved on to work with publications like Trav Talk and TLF magazine. Thereafter, she was working as a Consulting Editor with Askme.com for their travel portal askmeontravel.com  and was also freelancing for a couple international magazines. Currently, she is enjoying blogging and her relationship with the digital space.

To spice up things a bit more pitches in Rohit Joshi with 15 years of cross functional exposure to the Banking world (Banking is not as boring as one would think!) and an entrepreneur with a cause. Get a life and then think of style being one of the ideas which switched on the traveler and writer within. Adventure tourism and spiritual journeys spur him on and get coverage of some of the best-kept secrets while outdoors.

As Coins and Maps is essentially a family blog hence their daughters too are taking up the idea of blogging. Cheryl, the elder one has blogged about her first solo travel experience to the USA (at the young age of 10 years) and Arshiya, the younger one loves to read and review books.

Rohit at askmeCoins and Maps features honest and experiential reviews, rich content, non-controversial, easy to read and wanting more to see sort of ideas and photos. It is a family blog and all content is original unless some tag lines or quotes are used with permission for the right impact.

This new kid on the block has had its share of success and comes highly recommended by some of the leading International members of the hotel industry, Global tourism boards, leading brands in outdoor adventures, automobiles, toys, magazines, and bloggers as well.

You can connect with us at coinsandmaps@gmail.com

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram at http://www.twitter.com/coinsandmaps and http://www.instagram.com/coinsandmaps

We would love to connect with you on FaceBook at http://www.facebook.com/coinsandmaps

Coins and Maps now has a partner. We have come up with new blogzine specially for women and on women. It’s called The Woman Co and it talks about everything a woman wants to know in the world of Fashion, Beauty, Home, Art, Jewelry and Lifestyle.

You can connect with The Woman Co at https://thewomanco.wordpress.com

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/thewomanco

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/thewomanco and

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/thewomanco




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